What Does A Baby Need? Buying Baby Gear Infografx

The old saying "all you need is love" is true, right? But what does a baby need? Stores will try to convince you that you need all of the latest technology, but parents have been using the same five to seven items for decennia. Check out some of these basic "must-haves".




You Can't Always Buy Happiness

As a new parent, you are no doubt faced with purchasing many products you have no clue about. TV commercials and specialist magazines overload you with adverts of products that every ‘loving’ and ‘responsible’ parent must get for their new born child.

Let’s face the facts. On a regular basis, we are bombarded by advertising of many everyday products that we actually don’t need. What changes in the case of baby products is that all these adverts suggest that we need to have this stuff to be good parents. Playing on our emotions and sense of responsibility, they try to get us to open our wallets. And it usually works…


Don't Believe The Hype

As it is in life though, it is not always the quantity that matters, but rather the quality of material items we surround ourselves with. We end up irritated with having overloaded closets filled with gimmicks and stuff we don’t even use, and later wonder what happen to all of our money. Even though there are probably millions of baby products out there, of which probably a lot of very helpful ones, some are probably just a waste of space and money. Do yourself and your child a favor, and resist the urge to buy just anything the commercials tell you to. You may be better off paying that cash into your kid’s college fund!


So What Does A Baby Really Need?

Take a look at our infografx below: