Save on fees for currency exchange with Transferwise

Tired of getting ripped off when receiving foreign currency?
Meet Transferwise, your new best friend in transferring money.

Exchanging currency usually comes at a high price, and you will get hit one way or another. Money transfers are expensive and its never obvious how much it will cost you, till the transfer is done. The loss of money can be painful, especially if you are converting larger amounts. PayPal's costs and rates are also not so friendly, and their terms often mean you cannot accept money on a regular basis.


For professionals working abroad and receiving payment in foreign currency, this can be a huge reduction in earnings. Its no less painful for expats receiving and sending money to their family abroad. 


Luckily, a company called Transferwise was established and is now helping people around the world move around money safely, and 8 times cheaper than standard bank fees. Click on the logo below to send or receive money now:





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