What Martial Art Is Right For Me? Martial Arts Infographx

There are thousands of martial art-forms, and many appeal in different ways to different people. So you may be wondering, what martial art is right for me?


There are many different types or forms of martial arts, the list is almost endless: taekwondo, krav maga, muay thai, aikido, karate, jiu jitsu, brazilian jiu jitsu, hapkido, karate, shotokan karate, capoeira, kung fu, shaolin kung fu, wing chun kung fu, wushu kung fu, kendo, bo staff, kickboxing and even mixed martial arts (MMA) training.


What Martial Art Is Right For Me?

We've divided these into four categories: Traditional, Spiritual, Self Defence and Fitness to help you make your choice. Whether you're intersted in martial arts for combat sports, relaxation, fitness or even just want a few self defence (self defense) classes our Martial Arts Infografx below should help you pick from the list of martial arts and fighting styles and find one that suits you.