DIY Do It Yourself Basic Reflexology Chart - Infografx

Reference the chart below and start by placing your fingers on the areas that need attention. Let your thumbs add repeated pressure by pressing firmly and repeatedly bending into the skin, upward and outward, moving away from the body creating a gentle rhythm.





Reflexology works by creating pressure on special "zones" on the hands and feet that correspond to vital organs and areas of the body. There are almost 10,000 nerve endings in the hands and feet. Reflexology claims that applying this pressure may reduce pain and help with other physical ailments. Some of the first references to reflexology can be found in ancient Egypt written in hieroglyphics.

It is always a good idea to have a professional treat you, but basic reflexology can also be practiced at home if you know the basics. We hope our chart below will help you to understand the basics of reflexology


Basic Reflexology "Do It Yourself"  Chart - Infografx



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