Health And Hygiene At The Gym - Clean Freaks Look Away

A clean gym is great but an unclean gym can be a health and hygienic nightmare.

If you are the type who won't ride a tram without wearing gloves, then you probably won't like to hear what can be found in your gym!




A gym is a great place to stay fit, but as there are so many people going through the gym, health and hygiene is a big issue. Gyms are generally clean places but you should ensure that when you choose a gym it is a clean and hygienic place. There are plenty of wicked little nasties you can bring home with you after a session at the local gym.


Here is a short list of the most common:


Human Papillomavirus

Causes plantar warts which are easily picked up if you walk barefoot on contaminated surfaces.


Staphylococcus Aureus

A very common bacteria that can cause skin rashes and break-outs.


Fungi like Candida

Can cause athletes foot and jock itch which can be a really tough thing to get rid of when you are working out a lot. The candida fungus feels at home in warm, moist areas, like between your toes or under your family jewels!


Staying clean and hygienic at a gym is a must!

Remember to follow the rules, and common courtesy - make sure you clean the equipment you use!


Some important things to keep in mind:

  • How clean is the gym equipment? Is it well maintained?
  • Do gym users wipe the machines after use? Or even use a sit/lay on a to keep the equipment clean?
  • How clean are the changing rooms and showers? Are they regularly cleaned by the staff?

To avoid making acquaintance with any of these unpleasant afflictions, you should adhere to some common-sense protocol when using gym equipment and sports club facilities.

See the Hygiene section of What Makes A Good Gym? Things To Consider When Joining A Gym for more information.


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