About Us - InLivin’® – The Good Life Guide to Amsterdam

It has been a long time in the making and after all of the hard work, we proudly present a family of services and products to help you acheive a better life: The Good Life Guide is designed to help you get the most out of Amsterdam. Here's how it all started...




The year was 2007, pre-recession. Things were good. The weather was warm. We work hard and we play hard. Occasionally we fall somewhere in between. That summer, we worked feverishly on one of our other successful products, usually sitting in the sun at a table along the canal.

From June to September, we saw woman after woman walking by our doors... which would be totally normal, except for every one of them was pregnant!  

After long debates on the possibility of a rogue stork gone loose in the Oud West, a pregnant friend happened to walk by one day.

FINALLY, we could ask what was going on with this "baby boom"! To our great surprise, we learned that there was a top-notch natural birthing center located just down the road. Not a single member of our staff (those with kids as well) was aware of this place, even though many of walked and bicycled by it every day!

How was it that one of the leaders of the industry, located directly in our neighborhood could go unnoticed for so many years? The answer was simple; they were great at their profession but they were not very good at marketing themselves.

At that moment we decided to use the skills and experience we had gained over the previous decade and focus our energies on this great new project:

InLivin’® – The Good Life Guide to Amsterdam


The idea was to highlight the best businesses all around town, from the smaller sole-proprietors to the larger companies, we felt that there needed to be a properly organized guide that made exploring the city and trying new things educational and fun.

We hope you like it as much as we do.

Please give us your constructive comments and let us know how we can improve your viewing pleasure ;)


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