What's On In Amsterdam? How To Find The Best Events And Parties

Want to know what's on in Amsterdam?
With so many choices on the web, a good directory can be hard to find. There are a few that stand out above the others. Here's our pick of the best sites to help you find the what's on in Amsterdam and how to find the best events and parties in the city!



What's On in Amsterdam?

You can find a huge selection of the best events and parties in Amsterdam in our Events Calendar. But there are also some great sites out there on the web that we thought you might like, they all offer the best of what's on in Amsterdam.

Using the internet to find the best things to do in Amsterdam:

A great website should be updated regularly and have proper info.It would suck to show up an hour late based on a typo!

We put together a list of our favorites below, based on variety of listings and ease of use. These sites should help keep you informed of some of the great events and going on in Amsterdam



Uitburo Evenmenten

Check out the Uit Buro for great info a bout performing arts, theater, music and dance. 



Mojo Concerts and Events 

MoJo is always handy for planning to see big name acts, concerts and festivals.



Uitgids Agenda

The Uit Gids offers a lot of choices for planning your next day out doing something cultural. 



Last Minute Ticket Shop

The Last Minute Ticket Shop is really a life-saver when you have friends come to town unexpectedly and need to find something fun to do!



Fot some of the largest and latest in electronic music dance events, see ID&T.


Time-out has done its best to get into the Amsterdam scene, and by and large they do a good job.


 Please let us know of your experiences with these sites.