How Much Gear Do I Need? What Do You Need And What Will It Cost Infografx

There are considerable expenses related to many activities and sports.
Some expats are quite surprised that the price difference is larger than they are used to at home. The big questions are How Much Gear Do I Need? And What Will It Cost?







Sports gear comes in a few different categories and price ranges. What you need to to participate is important to know before you join.


We've broken it down into these main Good Life Gear categories:

Vehicles, Performance Enhancing, Critical Component, Protective, Sports Clothing and Standard Clothing.

Vehicles: Most sports that require vehicles tend to be the most expensive ones in which to participate. Expect to spend big bucks to compete in skiing, sailing, flying or racing of any sort.

Performance Enhancing: In sports where a little extra means the difference between victory or defeat, these items as costly as they are, can help an athlete with that little bit to get them over the top.

Critical Component: If you can't play your sport without these, its critical. Think footballs, basketballs, tennis rackets or golf clubs. These things are available for diverse costs.

Protective: If it's placed on your head or covering your groin, you can consider it protective gear. It limits the risk of getting injured.

Sports Clothing: This type of kit is for the serious sporter, not the average street prowler. Whether the latest model boots for snowboarding, or ribbed tongue football shoes to create that bend-it-like Beckham shot, true sports gear promises an advantage.

Standard Clothing: We all own an article of clothing that originated from sports gear. Whether it's your fav trainer suit, or your everyday sneaks, sports gear has made an impact on our daily attire.


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