Chocolate Club Amsterdam - Tobacco Theater 26 October 2013 Photos Part 2

Part 2 of the InLivin report from Chocolate Club event at Tobacco Theater in Amsterdam


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At many venues and parties there sometimes seems to be some kind of general consensus as to how people should dance, unwritten rules that banish all creativity from dancefloors and make everyone bounce around in the same homogenous way. Not here, not at the Chocolate Club. Here the only way to dance is the way you want to dance. This becomes clear from the start, when the Art of Loving team leads everybody through a warmup session. We’re all invited to do some dancing exercises: first we make proper contact with the floor by stamping our feet to the music (barefoot!), then we move our hips overdramatically to get out of our heads and into our bodies, and finally we let the wild animals inside us come out by dancing and roaring as wild as we can (among the animals heard: lions, monkeys and the occasional screaming bird). 

Your InLivin’ reporter is not shy of dancing and, although he feels a little weird at first about other people telling him how to dance and how to connect with his inner self, gets into the Art of Loving vibe quite fast and manages to produce some very adequate gorilla sounds. A lot of other people (men!) prefer to stay on the side at first, but come the end of the warming up most railbirds have gotten over themselves as well and are participating in the collective breathing exercise, where we all breathe simultaneously in a circle moving towards each other at every exhalation, making everybody get really close. I feel like a child, giggling at the weird thing I’m doing but enjoying myself a lot. The warming up seems to have effect: people start mingling and dancing with each other immediately afterwards.


We decide to have a beverage. The drinks you can order at Chocolate Club are really something else. We get tipped by a Chocolate Club regular that we definitely should order their famous chocolate concoction. Thus it happened: we get a gooey brown drink that tastes like pure chocolate mixed with herbs (which it actually is!). A small hour later both your camera man and your reporter notice a weird tingly boost in our energy levels. We decide to try a different drink, an iced tea with an aphrodisiac. Details about the effects of this drink might be a little too personal for this report, but let\'s say it beats Heineken on many levels.

We notice that many people we talk to at this party are experienced clubbers who were looking for something different and found (or founded) Chocolate Club. Some were a little tired of being hungover on Sundays and wanted a more conscious approach to clubbing. Some wanted to meet people which they actually could connect with. One woman tells us that she likes Chocolate Club because the men here are a lot nicer and more decent than in the usual night club. Another girl tells us that she just likes adventure; there are lots of boundaries to break here if you want, the warming up by the Art of Loving being one example, a raw chocolate ceremony in the innertainment area which you can attend is another.


The music suits and makes the night. Kareem Raihani and his friends churn lovely beats out of their laptops. The sound quality could have been a little better if there was a little more bass, this might have something to do with the sound system of the Tobacco Theatre. Nevertheless the djs spin a tasteful mix of deephouse and all kinds of exotic vibes. They are backed up by a video jockey and a guy who burns scented sticks and blows the freed aroma onto the dancefloor with a fan, making the room smell like cinnamon, flowers, and other forms of nasal goodness.


As the night progresses the crowd gets bigger, and a decent line forms in front of the Tobacco Theatre. People are dancing, talking, eating and enjoying each other inside. The vibe remains very mellow in the Tobacco Theatre, even on the dancefloor where people move their bodies in all sorts of animalistic ways (with monkey screams and lion roars heard occasionally throughout the night). Your InLivin’ reporter unfortunately misses the raw chocolate ceremony in the innertainment area and disturbs a meditation session by stumbling in the door too loudly and taking a picture with the door to the noisy hallway still open. His goal for the next event will be to definitely attend an innertainment session the proper way.



Chocolate club attracts a diversity of colors, ages and clothing styles (truth be told, men were a little underrepresented at this event), and manages to create a vibe where everyone is open, willing to be social and actively expressing their friendliness to others. Visitors leave their bad intentions at the door, if they have them. Perhaps the lack of alcohol has something to do with this. In any case, the Chocolate Club is definitely a more mature take on your regular club night, attracting those who know how to throw parties the Good Life way.


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