Chocolate Club Amsterdam - Tobacco Theater 26 October 2013 Photos Part 1

Part 1 of the InLivin report from Chocolate Club event at Tobacco Theater in Amsterdam


By now most people are familiar with the Amsterdam Dance Event, the annual weekend in October when everyone who is someone in the electronic dance music scene comes to Amsterdam for networking and partying. In short, exploring Amsterdam at night can be wonderful.


Clubbing, however, can have serious drawbacks. A big night out often involves a lot of booze and or chemical substances which blunt the mind and can lead to bad vibes and worse hangovers on Sundays. Enter Chocolate Club. A club night for health-conscious people with (actual) zero tolerance on chemical hard drugs, an alcohol-free bar and instead healthy, quality food, massages and drinks with natural substances to get you into the right vibe. Their mission: “to make clubbing a conscious experience instead that improves health, no hangovers, new inspiration and great connections with new people”. In the Tobacco Theatre on the Nes in the heart of drunk Amsterdam InLivin’ reports on a night of “Conscious Clubbing”.

Video from Chocolate Club Party at Tobacco Theater:


A typical Chocolate Club night like this one consists of three parts: a dance floor, a room for “innertainment”, and a mini-market. The market at this event is in the basement of the Tobacco Theatre which is also the restaurant, where the night starts with the possibility to have a dinner. If you pay a little extra on top of your ticket you can enjoy three courses specially prepared for this night. On the menu: Sea spaghetti with shiitake, mushroom and walnut quiche, and chocolate pie. All vegan and with ingredients prepared under 42 degrees so suitable for raw food lovers. The basement’s kitchen is open for everyone, and throughout the night there is much going on there: there are raw food demonstrations, and you can watch how pros make healthy wheatgrass smoothies.



At the market you can buy jewelry and clothes for the evening. There is also a little book/food shop, where a friendly guy behind the counter gladly reads out my personal Maya sign for me. Apparently my solar seal is human and I’m in tone 8, and the description in the booklet tells me things about my wavespells. A Dutch expression fits well here: ik kan er geen chocola van maken. You have to really get deeper into it or consult a professional to make something out of Mayan wisdom I guess. Oh well, let me worry about life’s bigger questions later. Off to the dancefloor, party’s starting!



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Be sure to click on the slideshow above for more images. The next Chocolate Club will be held on November the 23rd at Dansmakers Amsterdam. Click here for more info about the upcoming event, and for a link to purchase tickets.


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