Jafani Festival: Charity Event in the Overhoeks Toren Amsterdam

Jafani Festival Amsterdam - A group of students in Amsterdam decided that it was time to help out a friend of theirs from Ghana. Jafani Nabare came to Europe to become a doctor. Recently he finished his education to become a urologist, and he wants to start realizing his dream of setting up a hospital in his homeland.

Jafani Festival

The students put their heads together and with the voluntary help of many managed to create the Jafani Festival, held on 26 October 2013, a charity event in the Overhoeks tower in Amsterdam Noord with music, art, food and shops, all voluntarily set up and all dedicated to collecting as much money as possible for Jafani. 



InLivin’ was at the festival, to report and take some photos, to support the foundation and, to chill out and listen to some good music too. Shops and bakeries donated food to sell, and there were auctions (artists donated paintings; musicians auctioned a living room concert to the highest bidder). There was even a vintage clothing market at the festival. Jafani himself, who was at the festival, was touched and humbled that so many people wanted to help him with this festival, yet he was aware that much still needs to be done so he was determined to make this hospital happen.



The Jafani festival was a success: 6.249,52 euros were collected in total. However, to build the hospital much more money is needed. This is why the organization of the festival founded the Jafani foundation. Under this name they will be planning more cool events in the future all with the goal of getting enough money together to build that hospital. At InLivin’ we dug Jafani festival, and we’ll try to keep you posted about more events to come. Be sure to also check out Jafani festival’s website for updates.

Link : www.jafanifestival.nl