Grand Opening GOH Life Center Amsterdam - 14 September 2013 - Photos

On 14 September 2013, we had the pleasure to visit the launching party of the newly opened GOH Life Center in Amsterdam Oud West. GOH Concept has been active since May 2012 within The Family Gym, and due to their success and growth were now able to expand to their own location. We were treated to healthy snacks and fruity drinks, and entertained by good conversation with regular GOH Concept clients, who were proud to share the results of their training.


GOH Concept is an all-in health program designed by a physiotherapist, dietitian and personal trainer to motivate and help you reach your physical / medical health goals. The GOH Life Center offers the following plans to help you reach and/or maintain your health goals, or the ones of your family members:


GOH Weight Loss

Losing weight is a common struggle. There are so many diets out there and a wide variety of exercise options. But the only way to actually make a significant change is to integrate these together. GOH Weight Loss integrates both to not only get short term results but give the knowledge for a lifestyle change for those looking to lose excess kilos for good.

The combination of a personal diet plan, 3 weekly intense training sessions, seminars and weekly monitoring of results will leave you with no choice but to lose weight, get healthier and start thinking differently for good.


GOH Get Toned

This is a program for those individuals who are struggling to lose the last few kilos and shape and sculpt their bodies. A diet is given that will make it possible to lose the kilos and gain muscle in the right places. The training sessions are a combination of high intensity resistance exercises along with short intense cardio sessions to burn fat, get fitter and tone the body.


GOH Stay Young

GOH Stay Young is especially created for the 60+ who wants to become fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At this age, the body experiences a lot of changes like muscle atrophy, stiffness, instability, low cardiovascular capacity, reduced bone density, joint pain and hence bad posture.

The program takes these bodily changes into account and can give you a diet plan and natural supplements to counteract these effects. The training sessions will focus on keeping muscle strength, flexibility, condition, good posture and general wellbeing.


GOH Life

The methods used to fight cancer are very invasive to the immune system and can affect one’s health drastically. Our GOH life program is designed for recovering cancer patients to better their health by improving condition, regaining muscles strength and focusing on general well being.


GOH Mama

Pregnancy requires a different eating pattern and exercise regime. A healthy diet will allow you to get the nutrients that you and your baby need and will keep the weight gain to the necessary minimum, this makes it easier to get your shape back after your pregnancy. The training program is suited to your changing body and the restrictions that come with it.

The exercises are designed by the physiotherapist to keep you strong, fit and prevent common pregnancy complaints such as pelvic, lower back pain etc.


GOH Kids

GOH Kids is the weight loss version for children between the ages of 8 and 14 . Obesity is an increasing issue among children and young teens with serious health issues for the future as a result. GOH Kids will give children the knowledge to make better choices through the personal diet and interactive seminars which will be done together with the parents. The weekly training sessions are focused on fun and teamwork while burning calories.


GOH & Co.

We can offer our expertise and medical advice to companies eager to improve the health of their employees. The main focus is to eliminate complaints such as RSI – neck/shoulder related issues, lower back pain and fatigue, get them fitter / in shape and simply introduce them to an energetic way of life through team building and enhancing productivity at work.

We can adapt our concept depending on the needs and possibilities of your company. We can either start group sessions at our location or come to your company if there is space. Please contact us if you are interested and we can discuss a variety of options.


Extra lessons

Aside from the regular training sessions we also offer extra lessons that are available to everyone from all different programs. These lessons are meant to help you further in getting your results, improve your performance and bringing balance into your training regime.


GOH Cardio

GOH Cardio is an hour long high intense session with a challenge to push your heart rate to its maximum, burn about 10 times your body weight in calories in the form of spinning, stepping and rope jumping. Get fit and in better condition.


GOH Yoga

Our programs are intense and include vigorous exercises, that’s why we have GOH yoga. An hour session designed to lengthen your muscles and tendons, align your body, loosen your joints and increase blood flow to enhance recovery which intern helps to create balance between body and mind.


GOH Concept is open daily for group and private sessions. Get in touch to learn what GOH Concept can do to improve your health and fitness. For photos from the opening of the GOH Life Center, click on the slideshow above.