Amsterdam New Food Fair 2013 - Event Photos - 7 September 2013

The sixteenth edition of the New Food Fair, organized by Caulils Delicatessen & Catering was again a success! The weather took a bit of a dip in comparison to the hot summer nights earlier that week, but that certainly did not stop the fun!

The New Food Fair 2013 took place on 7 September 2013, and filled up the whole length of the Haarlemmerdijk and Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. With hundreds of stalls, the rich smell of food permeated the air as we approached the Haarlemmerstraat. Grilled vegetables, meats and seafood created a “savoury cloud”.

On the lower part of the street fair near the Singel, you could find a great variety of seafood and good wines, grilled deli's and some nice cool cocktails. Of course there were 100% all natural fresh juices available, courtesy of Jay's Juices.

Walking a little further down the street, there were oysters on the half-shell, prosecco, bio cheeses, veggie dishes and deli meats; Hollandaluz had some delicious looking prosciutto on their display table.

Overall the street scene was vibrant and joyful.  With the car traffic blocked off, many children were running around and having some nice fun, while entire families sat on the sidewalk enjoying some quality times.

Even the garbage containers were well fed. The remains of all sorts of delicious food were overflowing the bins!

As the night came on gradually tourists and local visitors returned to their hotels and homes, and the food fair's atmosphere turned into relaxing. It was time for the shops’ staff and close friends to enjoy some of the fine wines and snacks, and to reflect on a great day gone by.


For details and updates on next year's planning, check out the organizer's website. For a full list of this year's participants, click here. For photos from this event, click the slideshow above.


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