Kanen bij Ten Kate - Fresh, healthy locally sourced food in Amsterdam

"Life is too short to eat bad food!" Kanen Bij Ten Kate is a new food concept in Amsterdam. Every week, on Thursday evening, a variety of Food Trucks set up shop to deliver you fresh, healthy, home-made, locally sourced goodies at a 'healthy' price. The 4th of July 2013 was the fifth edition of this weekly event, and it was a great success!


Kanen bij Ten Kate ["Tucking in" at Ten Kate Market] is held every Thursday between 18.00 and 21.00, just after the daily Ten Kate market is cleared.

The featured Food Trucks were all very cool and stylish, and served us up some really yummy foods! Check out the photos and information of specific trucks below:


This event is powered by Eatery.nl and organized by the founders, Titus Gorissen and Rick Hofmans. These guys believe in fresh, homemade "fine food with a bite". Eatery is a Food Truck, so naturally, it is always on the move! Check their website for dates and locations, or just stop by the Ten Kate Markt for the next edition of Kanen Bij Ten Kate.

Eatery served us delicious homemade ravioli with Manchego cheese, almonds and paprika, sprinkled with cherry tomatoes, rucola and a drizzle of balsamic sauce. In addition, a variety of tapas. To make things perfect, you could wash it all down with a glass of tangy Kava (Cava is a Spanish bubbly). All products were super fresh, and locally sourced... simply delicious.



A new, creative, sustainable and healthy food concept. Made from flower shaped sour-dough-crust breads (now that's a mouthful to say!), filled with various toppings: bell pepper with ricotta cheese, anchovies and basil, salty fish with garlic and tomato, cheese fondue with green onion, mixed mushroom ragout and many many more... all available in two sizes.

Bloempie uses only multi-grain dough, and seasonal products to assure that all recipes are sustainable and prepared in accordance with the seasons. The packaging used is also made from sustainable materials.  


Van Onder de Rivieren

Home made food from the Brabant province of the Netherlands. Their specialty is worstenbrood [bread with sausage]. All dishes are prepared using fresh, locally sourced products.


Vleesch Noch Visch

Flexitarian food on location. When we tried their "Greek Pita Vegetarian Gyros with Tzatziki, Tomato, Rucola and Red Onion", we could not believe it was not made with chicken! The flavor and texture was rich and very satisfying. Now here is a vegetarian plate that can steal any true meat-eater's heart and stomach. This dish was a clear hit, proved by the eager eaters queueing up all evening long.

Their goal is to offer vegetarian street food that will suit anybody. They use organic products when possible, but always locally sourced, fresh and made with love. They cater to vegans, vegetarians and 'flexitarians', who consciously choose to be only part-time meat eaters. Their Food Truck is 100% electrically powered. 

"The more often people opt not to have meat, the better. We hope to reduce the amount of meat consumption. Better for the people, better for the environment".



Wafels en Ijs

This Food Truck provided all that's needed to satisfy one's sweet tooth! Home made wafels and ice cream! In addition, they served up a lot of atmosphere with their cute chandeliers!


Pancake Crumble

This old-timer Food Truck delivered home made pancakes, served in a unique way: chopped up after cooking, and later mixed with various meats and veggies, or fruit. They call is a sort of roergebak [stir-fry].


Cafe Bax

And last, but certainly not least, Cafe Bax. A favorite local spot in Amsterdam Oud West. Cafe Bax is clearly not a Food Truck, but a regular cafe with awesome outdoor terrace. They work in cooperation with Kanen Bij Ten Kate, offering super coffees, non-alcoholic beverages and a variety of cold beers on tap, and many of their facilities. Check their website for musical events, or just stop by for a nice lunch and drink. This place is great for people watching...  Stop by to collect a FREE InLivin' book.


Kanen Bij Ten Kate is not only a cool event supporting local business and suppliers, but a great way to spend a Thursday night. Check in to their website for news on new locations in plan...All the Food Truck listed above are on the go, and you will come across them at various markets and events. If you would like them to cater your own event, contact them directly.

Click on the slideshow above to see more photos from this event.