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Deep Tissue Massage at Myssage Amsterdam - Is "No Pain, No Gain" right for a deep tissue massage? Often people say, "I like a strong massage, I only know it's working and doing good if it hurts". This logic isn't actually correct. A massage is never intended to be painful, therapists shouldn't start by saying "this should hurt". This is not the purpose of a Deep Tissue treatment.


That said, many people that have had a true deep tissue massage (DTM) will tell you it is painful! A deep tissue massage can be painful if you have tension in your muscles. Muscle adhesions (knots) can be quite uncomfortable if worked on with DTM. This style of massage differs from relaxing “spa style” massages because it has a remedial purpose. Herein lies the distinction, a deep tissue massage can be relaxing but is also an effective solution to deal with minor soft tissue conditions.

The majority of general aches and pains which we typically incur from lifestyle stresses are minor soft tissue conditions. These “conditions” can over time recover on their own, but in the majority of cases they actually develop and become a more serious problem. Our bodies are very good at compensating, when you feel a pain in your body it is often after your body has been dealing with a condition for some time already. For many years remedial massage has been shown to be a fast and effective way of dealing with such conditions by giving a helping hand to the body’s own natural repair process.


Is DTM right for me?

Well, it’s unlikely that you will be able to drift off into a dreamy land, imagining that you are on a secluded beach, during a deep tissue massage. However, if you have aches and pains in your body – perhaps because you are hunched over a computer keyboard or a laptop for hours every day - then it’s likely that DTM is a very good option for you. DTM is suitable for everyone (in principle) and can be an enjoyable blend of being both effective and relaxing, it is though, by the very nature of its name, “deeper” than a relaxing massage.


Talk to your massage therapist

It’s always worth checking with a therapist what they mean by “deep tissue massage”, as this term is now getting quite widely thrown around and may be used to mean different things, or is only incorporated to some extent. Some therapists use only small elements of DTM in their treatments, so overall the massage will still be quite superficial, whereas other therapists incorporate DTM wholeheartedly into their massages and thus give a truly remedial deep tissue massage.
So before you choose any therapist, have a chat with them. Make sure their specialties and techniques match your expectations… after all, it is your massage!



This article was written with assistance from Richard Myhill, who runs his own deep tissue massage practice in Amsterdam: Myssage Amsterdam. Richard qualified in London with international diplomas in holistic massage, deep tissue massage and Indian head massage. He then trained at the world famous Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage under Mel Cash and is a highly qualified Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage therapist. Richard likes to keep a balance across all aspects of his treatments; ensuring that you have a relaxing but effective massage in a great environment at a sensible price.

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