Lekkerraw Raw Food Workshop at the Tarwegraskoning's Slow Juicebar Amsterdam

The Tarwegraskoning's Slow Juicebar in Amsterdam was the setting for a raw food workshop hosted by Sandra de Vos of Lekkerraw.

Making Raw Food in Amsterdam

The workshop was fully booked days ahead, and all 16 raw food newbies were excited to learn about raw food and its preparation. Sandra shared her story of becoming a raw foodist, and answered some of our questions. We started off with a short presentation of products available for our use during the workshop, and an explanation about the principles of the raw food diet.



There were many products to choose from, and all were top organic quality: fresh fruit and veg, like courgettes, avocado, tomatos, lettuce, lemons fresh herbs; various superfoods like chia seeds, hemp seeds, bee pollen; oils: coconut oil, hemp oil, cocao butter; nuts: almonds, cashews, pine nuts, only to name a few :) We also enjoyed a gorgeous organic Greek wine - yes! Wines can technically be counted as raw food, though drinking wine is not obvious on the raw food lifestyle.  


Later on, we moved to our "cooking" stations, where Sandra gave a brief introduction to all the appliances we were to use for our recipes. Specialist blenders, food processors, fruit cutters and ceramic knives.


I think we all enjoyed trying out the Spirolli - a special vegetable cutter that transforms any long vegetable into raw spaghetti


We started off a bit chaotic, with everyone running around with their recipe sheet in hand, trying to figure out how much 3/8 of a spoon is :)


We worked in pairs, with each pair preparing two recipes. Exotic Poffertjes, Raw Pesto Spaghetti with RAWmesan, Coconut Bon Bons and a Chocolate Supersmoothie, were only some of the choices. We were making enough for everyone to try every single dish.


Soon enough, the cooking was in full swing, and the new raw chefs were proudly handing out their newest creations!



Overall, the atmosphere was great, and the setting was wonderful. The Slow Juice Bar is such a beautiful and spacious shop; filled with fresh wheatgrass growing all around, the smell is just amazing...We had a great time, ate some wonderful food, and had a chance to try a huge variety of raw ingredients.


We ended the night with yummy coconut Bon Bons, and took some last moments to ask questions. The recipes were very creative, yet easy to follow. Afterwards, we all received the recipes by email to try to make at home.


Lekkerraw Workshop details:

Time: 19.00 - 22.00

Participants: 16

Cost: €69,50

Location: Slow Juicebar / Tarwegraskoning (previosly know as the Springwater Shop) Roelof Hartstraat 10 1071 VH Amsterdam


Click here to sign up for an upcoming workshop with Lekkerraw, or get in touch to learn about party and event catering. To see images from this event, click on the slideshow above.



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