De Bij Wins Sustainability Prize – Sustainable Businesses in Amsterdam

In summer 2012, our fav eco-printer, Drukkerij De Bij [The Bee] was voted most sustainable biz in the stadsdeel of Westpoort. Now given the high density of industrial business over there, this was no small feat!

Drukkerij de Bij has become one of the leaders of the sustainable industries in Amsterdam since setting it's green goals and switching from a "normal printer" only 5 years ago. InLivin' chooses to work with De Bij because they consistently strive for CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly existence.

So why de Bij?

From the windmill and solar panels on the roof, to the electric car they use and the green energy they buy, these guys are doing their best to leave a diminutive footprint. De Bij avoids chemicals and poisons, uses bio-inks, FSC paper sources and machines that emit minimal waste and use low energy.

With goals to print completely IPA-free and to use an electric lorry for deliveries in the coming years, Drukkerij de Bij is a printer that all local businesses should be interested in learning more about. 

DAM what?

The DAM Prijs is given to the Amsterdam businessperson with the most sustainable practice.

DAM = Duurzaam Amsterdam MKB [sustainable Amsterdammers in small business]

About 150 different businesses among the 8 stadsdelen [city districts] took part as nominees. The voting was open to all Amsterdammers* and culminated in an awards ceremony on July 9, 2012 with Jort Kelder as the host.


Even the losers are winners!

The 8 winners of the individual stadsdelen were:

Fair trade jewelry company A Beautiful Story, won the top DAM prijs of 2012. They focus on high fashion produced by fair labor practices and sustainable resources. We hope to have a review on some of their products soon...

Did you vote?

We applaud the gemeente [council] for initiating this program but in the future we would like to see it better publicized and the voting made more accessible to the entire city.


DAM Prijs 2013

1 April 2013 was the deadline to sign up, and end of April will bring more information about the nominees. The winner of the DAM Prijs 2013 will be known on June 24 and announced during the DAM Prijs Gala. In 2013, companies from the Westpoort area are not allowed to run for the DAM Prijs. Accoring to the gemeente's website, Westpoort is not a stadsdeel itself, and the DAM Prijs is sponsored by specific stadsdelen of Amsterdam. Winning companies from 2012 are not able to re-enter till 2014.


Do you know a company worthy of winning the DAM Prijs, or you think your company is sustainable enough to win? Learn more or sign up through


*only 4750 votes were cast