Feed your Brain with Workshops, Courses and Classes! Continuing Education in Amsterdam

You can always spend your free time and money by going to the movies or to hang out with your friends at a cafe. Or, you can sign up for one of many workshops offered in Amsterdam! Feed your Brain with Workshops, Courses and Classes! There are many options for continuing education in Amsterdam.

Feed your Brain with Workshops, Courses and Classes! There are many options for continuing education in Amsterdam. There is such a variety of workshops available to feed your brain with knowledge, and help you develop new skills or hobbies. They are a great way of spending time with your friends, but can also be a good opportunity to make new friends with similar interest to yours! 

What are Workshops?

In essence, workshops are short introduction classes to a certain topic, offered in many forms and levels. From food-related workshops, to more technical ones that teach you a specific skill or technique, there is something for everyone. Many workshops are offered during summer events, and some are offered during special occassions, where you can learn from a guest specialist. 


Food Workshops

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make sushi, pizza, chinese food or raw food? Perhaps you have already tried making some specialty dishes yourself, but they just didn't come out as nicely as you had hoped? There are many people out there who are very passionate about what they do, and who would be more than happy to teach you how to cook your favorite nom nom, and present it beautifully too!

For great workshops teaching about (gourmet) Raw Food preperation, and more, check Lekkerraw and the Alchemist Garden's profiles. If you are curious about the power of Superfoods, visit Edel Wijs to learn from the best! 


Cupcake Workshops

If you have ever entered a cupcake supply shop, and are not an experienced cupcake maker, you will surely be astonished by the amount of products on offer! If you would like to learn new techniques, or figure out how to apply your glazing evenly, visit one of Amsterdam's finest cupcake supply shops, Sugarlicious. They take cupcake making very seriously, and will help you make beautiful cakes for any occassion.

Even though cupcakes may make you think of kids, these workshops are usually organized for adults. Either for team building, or a hobby, making cupcake masterpieces requires work and concentration, but is also a lot of fun!


Wine Tastings and Workshops

Various courses offer professional training for future winemakers and sommeliers, but clearly, most of us would just want to know how to select the most matching wine for dinner, or know which wine is a high quality bargon. Visit Wijnhuis West to attend a tasting at their brand new shop, or organize a team building session or party for your friends. During a tasting, you will taste several different types of wine, and learn about pairing it best with food. It can be a very fun, and educating experience.


Cocktail Workshops 

If a gin & tonic is the best drink you can make, perhaps you should consider improving your skills, and having some fun with it?

Try a cocktail workshop and learn how to make gorgeous umbrella decorated cocktails and smoothies! They don't have to contain alcohol...and you will save heaps of money in comparison to getting your dream drink at a cocktail bar...

Such workshops can be perfect for a special occassion, for a hen party, birthday or for team building as well :)


Kids' Workshops

Kids also have a variety of workshops to choose from. Instead of taking your child or grandchild to a regular "kids" place, like a playground or the zoo, you can sign up for a special cooking workshop and have your little one cook you up a nice organic meal. A great and healthy way to spend time together, and help your child develop new skills, like cleaning up straight after! Contact the Kinderkookkafe to learn about the options.


Yoga Workshops

If you would like to try a new form of yoga, or test a new product before buying, there are special workshops designed to help you get started! Check out Yoga Swing Nederland to test-hang a real yoga swing!


Natural Beauty Workshops

InLivin' loves everything that is natural! If you would like to learn more about natural products, many cosmetic shops and studios would love to teach you why you should switch to pure. Go to Cosmetics and care to learn more about their free! workshops.    


 Feed your Brain with Workshops, Courses and Classes! There are many options for continuing education in Amsterdam.

InLivin' values workshops as fun and productive activities. Keep us bookmarked for special offers and contests where you can win a free workshop! Check the Events section for upcoming workshops from InLivin' partners.