Liu He Men Kung Fu Open Day - Learn Kung Fu In Amsterdam!

The Open Day was jam-packed with amazing Kung Fu demonstrations, concentrated learning and a great atmosphere. This is a great place to learn Kung Fu in Amsterdam! Click on the slideshow to see more images.


Straight Out of a Hong Kong Movie!

It was a spectacle not to be missed. Flying acrobatic battles with swords, staffs, kicks & blocks. This open day had it all! And the perfect place to be if you want to learn Kung Fu.

It started with Head-Instructor Sifu Henny Eleonora, grabbing everyone from the gallery and inviting them out on the floor for a group lesson in QiGong, Chinese Yoga & Kung Fu, where they could learn the basics of Kung Fu. Working alongside Henny was a treat, learning from the best... and boy did we all get a nice workout. He made it look somewhat effortless but after the floor exercises, our bodies sure felt it.

The demonstration was up next and this was truly amazing and most will definitelty learn a few things about Kung Fu. The rapid fire tempo that was used really made our jaws drop and the time fly. Everything from Kung Fu forms and sparring from the younger kids, to weapon forms and full-on battles with swords, knives and staffs were exhibited within arms reach of the crowd. Eat your heart out Hollywood!

Positive Chi

The community had a really relaxed yet energized atmosphere, something you could really dive into head first and feel at home. And judging from the big chinese symbol at the front of the school depicting the chinese symbol for "Double Happiness", we think you'll find a great place here as well. This is a great place to learn Kung Fu in Amsterdam!




Check out Liu He Men Kung Fu School for upcoming workshops and open days.