Go Electric! Electric Vehicles, Cars & Bikes in Amsterdam

Go Electric! Electric Vehicles, Cars & Bikes in Amsterdam : Over the last few years, the traffic trend has gone greener. With so many electric vehicles on the road of Amsterdam these days, we thought it may be interesting to explain a little about them.

If you have ever been cruising along the fietspad minding your own business, and a scooter or bike comes speeding by like a stealth bomber, you have seen an electric powered two-wheeler! Go Electric! Theres a big choice of various electric vehicles including electric cars and electric bikes in Amsterdam.


Even though they are motorized, these things are actually quieter than most clunky, squeaky, rusty ol' omafietsen.


When I first considered electric bikes, I didn't think they were for me. Aside from being large and bulky, I actually enjoy the effort I put into riding my bike! But then one of our members of staff who lives outside the ring bought an electric bike and it cut his transport time from home to office in half! Needless to say, I became a fan.


Now there are more than 15 different shops in Amsterdam where you can get your hands on this constantly evolving technology.