Housewarming for the Huisarts! Amsterdam's Dr Dany

Dr. Dany was the "host with the most" in his beautiful new practice located around the corner from the Anne Frank house.


With more than 300 guests, it was certainly a great post-work get together at Huisartsen Praktijk Keizersgracht. After all, who goes to the doctor's office without any health complaints!?! We spoke with many of Dr. Dany's current patients, and were pleased to learn how approachable and trusted he is.

Dr. Dany has built a great following of patients and friends over the years, due to his education, experience, great "bedside manner" and progressive approach to medicine. Dr. Dany treats each patient as an individual, and clearly that appeals to many of us. The nurses on our photos, dressed in white rubber uniforms are not part of the practices regular staff, but they were more than happy to help out during the party. They certainly brought lots of smiles to the guest's faces!


Dr. Dany still hase space available for new patients, so contact HAPK for more information.