Cheap Pizza, Wok Kitchens, Falafels & Argentinian Steakhouses - Restaurant Clone Wars Amsterdam

Walk around the city streets in Amsterdam and you will find copycats all over the place! From €6 pizzas and wok kitchens, to Argentinian steakhouses and falafel bars, Amsterdam culinary catfight for the cheapest restaurant continues....


If you haven’t noticed yet, most of Amsterdam’s small business owners don’t always have the most originality! Cheap pizza, wok kitchens, falafels & Argentinian steakhouses - it feels like a restaurant clone war in Amsterdam. You may think you’re crazy when you’ve seen the same place on 4 different canals; don’t worry, you’re not... it’s just another copycat competitor!



In Amsterdam these days, if there’s a way, there’s a wok! It’s hard to miss the rich scent of fried noodles, roasted pork and MSG. With the latest trend, there are about 20 “wok bars” that have popped up around town. Wok To Walk and Wok To Go are the biggest chains. Even for us it’s tough to tell which is the best of the many, but so far we have never had a problem with the Wok To Go on the Damstraat; the food is served hot & fresh, the menu is the largest and the prices are the lowest. All these places are pretty touristy, so don't expect the quality to be too high...and prepare a big bottle of water for later, cause you will be thirsty...



Why do we have such an appetite for Argentinian meat? No, not because of our Princess Maxima! (an intelligent beauty from Argentina who married King Willem) We think that the first restaurant that had a recipe for success was copied... and before long, there were about 15 of them around town! Many offer nice terraces but the prices are inflated and you must pay for all extras.



You can’t walk 10 metres down a busy road without seeing a sign saying “all pizzas for €6”. The majority are proper Italian flat bottom pies, the only prob is that most don’t use real Mozzarella cheese and only give you a “scattering” of fresh toppings. Don’t be surprised to see canned mushrooms too! These pizzas are generally a good choice, just stear clear of any seafood topings, those are most certainly low quality and/or frozen.


All the types of places listed above, are generally OK to visit once in a while, but are certainly not good enough to make it a habit. Some offer friendly service and decent tasting food, but the quality on offer is rarely exceptional, and the ingredients are not chosen with your health in mind. Instead, we would recommend visiting some more responsible Amsterdam establishments. Use the search box in the top right part of this site or check out the Food & Drink section.  


What are some of your favorite places to grab a bite? Are they healthy choices?