No Happy Ending - A few signs you're in a dodgy Amsterdam massage parlour

No Happy Ending - A few signs you're in a dodgy Amsterdam massage parlour If you ever wondered whether the place you were getting work on your body done was not 'all above board', here's a few tips to consider:

Chinese massage, two words that spark the imagination of many with reference to relaxation, healing, history, immigration, cultural heritage but also to human trafficking and forced prostitution.


Amsterdam China Town

The Chinatown in Amsterdam originated in around 1911, with only a few restaurant and laundromats, and has expanded over the years with many toko’s (small Asian specialty supermarket), restaurants, shops and massage parlors. The last one is of most interest when it comes to the legality of its workers and their job description.


Cracking Down on Human Trafficking

In 2011 there was a big raid on massage parlors in the Hague that didn’t really end up with any solid evidence on whether or not there were any illegal workers there and if it was a front for a brothel. Human trafficking is a problem on its own and not necessarily tied to China or any other country, it should be taken care of by governments and we, the people of Amsterdam, should do all we can to not use anything that is part of human trafficking. Easier said than done though, there won’t be a sign out the door advertising people for sale.


As Always, do Your Homework

When taking a massage or any other service in the city the first line of defense is common sense. Look at how the business is set up, how the staff is treated and your general feel about the place. Many times, if something feels wrong, it usually is. When you’ve got some time to do a bit of research, it’s always a good idea to look up the salon of choice on several review websites. If no reviews are posted, do a little digging on whether it is signed up as business. Usually there is a KvK (Chamber of Commerce) number or tax number listed on websites.


InLivin' Recommends...

For a list of places that are guaranteed to be legitimate and know their stuff, have a look through our Healing Practices section. Remember that we do a proper check up on all businesses before working with them, so you can be certain that they are not only NOT dodgy, but also nice, forward thinking and environmentally friendly when possible. Got a massage somewhere that isn’t listed on our website and loved it? Leave a short review below so your fellow InLivin’ members can take advantage of yet another good service offered in this beautiful city of ours.

A few signs you're in a dodgy Amsterdam massage parlour:


  • There is a heart above the door.
  • The place is called a "parlour".
  • There is a red light somewhere in the window.
  • They offer a happy ending.


All jokes aside, with the huge number of massage places popping up around the city, it is wise to spend your money on qualified professionals. They are surely more likely to help ease your pain.

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