Organic Food Markets In Amsterdam Are Closer Than You Think

Spring, summer and fall, all you have to is just look around to find great organic markets offering nice supply of bio organic, local and seasonal food.


Luckily, of the many things that can be said about shopping in Amsterdam, the number of outdoor markets, including many organic markets, seems to be quite large for a city of this size. We seem to lack indoor markets like the ones you can find in Spain, which is ironic, considering that we could use the rain protection!


Amsterdam has a variety of markets, conveniently spread out through the city. Some are fully dedicated to offering organic products, others are markets offering fresh produce, with some stands offering organic certified products. Even if you are not buying organic, it's a good idea to buy from local markets and small businesses. It is beneficial for our local economy, and the environment, since products purchased from a market are seldom packaged in heaps of plastic, unlike the ones from supermarkets.


Here are some of the top outdoor markets in Amsterdam. They are not always offered daily, some open only on the weekends or a specific day of the week or month:


Organic Markets


Biologische Boerenmarkt Zeeburg (Zeeburg)

Outdoor market, open every Wednesday 11-18.

For more info check Biologischemarkt Zeeburg.


Boerenmarkt Buikslotermeerplein (Noord)

Outdoor market, open every Saturday

This organic market is organized alongside the regular Buikslotermeerplein market. Located in Amsterdam Noord, you will find many stands with fresh, organic products. For more info, check Boerenmarkt Noord.


Biologische Noordermarkt Amsterdam (Centrum)

Outdoor market, open every Saturday from 9 to 16.

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, right in front of the Noorderkerk. Featuring many stalls offering organic and natural products: various fruit and vegetable stands, two butchers, delicatessen, a bakery, natural cosmetics and superfoods. Check their Boerenmarkt Amsterdam for a list of specific stands and learn where the products come from.


Biologische Versmarkt Nieuwmarkt (Centrum)

Outdoor market, open every Saturday 9-17.

Enjoy buying your food in historical surroundings. Various stands offering all sorts of fresh, organic food. Best to arrive by bike, or foot, since parking a car in this area can be a true nightmare.


Pure Markt (various locations)

Outdoor market, open on Sunday, 11-18.

The Pure Markt has been started in 2008, and is actually a traveling Sunday market. You can find it in Amstelpark, Oosterpark, Piet Heinstraat, and Park Frankendael. Check Pure Markt for schedule. Offering stands of various organic food producers, you will find the best natural and sustainable products.


Have you had a chance to visit any of these organic food markets in Amsterdam? Which one was your favorite and why?