What Is Aikido?

As part of our introduction to martial arts, we will be introducing a new style every month. You may have heard of Aikido, but do you know why it is special or even what it is? Here's a 101 crash course giving you some basics.


Where did Aikido originate?

Aikido was developed in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba. The word Aikido can be broken down into three Kanji: ai-ki-do (unifying spirit way) or the popular version: The way of unifying life energy. Something to that effect. It's meant to render your attacker harmless while defending yourself. It emphasizes harmony and is often considered to be non-aggressive.

This style features throws, limb locks and restraints to take advantage of your opponent’s attacks. Not many kicks and punches are thrown, so weight and strength are not needed to be effective.

Weapons are also used and can be a very exciting thing to watch or participate in. Just think about it, you've just gotten a few months into your Aikido training and it's "knives training day". WHAT!?! Don't ask, just suit up, do the training and leave with a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence that you can defend yourself in extremely dangerous & intimidating situations!


Global interest

Aikido can be practiced all over the world and if you train regularly but need to travel for work or pleasure, why not train with another group. It's like your extended family across the world. What a great network to be a part of. Book your hotel close to the dojo if possible. Show & tell them all about your experience in Amsterdam and find common ground through the martial art of Aikido. Then put them on their backs! ;)


Find an expert

When learning more about Aikido, we met Patrick van het Nederend. He's really cool, down to earth, listens and understands your needs. He can help you reach your personal level of excellence. Patrick is the founder & head-instructor from Takemusu Aikido Amsterdam Dojo.

Takemusu Aikido Amsterdam Dojo opened their doors in 2007 and has since become a very strong group of enthusiastic Aikidoka's. The dojo gets visited by International and Dutch Aikidokas regularly. They are members of TAKN (Takemusu Aikido Kyokai Nederland) which keep traditional Japanese Aikido at its core.

Introduction classes start in the fall, so simply give Patrick a call if your interested to see what he can do for you. They train on Mondays and the cost is a steal for the type of formal education you receive from Patrick. Are you a student of his? Leave a comment below and tell us all about your experiences!


Check out Takemusu Aikido Amsterdam for more details.