Fair Trade For Your Kids - Eco Friendly Clothing for Children

Choosing fair trade, eco-friendly, good looking clothing for your baby or children (that doesn't break the bank), can be very challenging, but it's worth it!


Fair Trade

If you are a responsible consumer, you probably care about buying products that are least harmful to the environment and the human resources that create them. In order to distinguish good products from the bad ones, an organization called Fair Trade has set up a list of standards for companies to meet in order to us the Fair Trade label.


Why Buy Fair Trade?

As a parent (or proud sibling, auntie or grandpa), it is important to think before you buy things for your newest family member. It is not too difficult to change your normal buying habits by purchasing clothing, accessories, furniture, parental aids and toys, from responsible producers. These companies should be using non-toxic components, organic dyes and textiles. Even though you may pay a smaller price for “non fair trade” items purchased from huge shops, it may turn out that someone else has already paid a high price to deliver them to you so cheaply! If you don’t want to be part of this evil chain, make a change and buy fair trade.

It is important to know that all Fair Trade products have been made without taking advantage of the people who have made them; that they have been paid a fair price for their products and their labor, and that they have worked in decent conditions. Just as you care about eating clean, organic food, you should know if the clothing you dress your child in has any residues of pesticides or any other chemicals.


It Costs More AND it is Ugly?

Are these eco-friendly and responsible products going to cost you more? That is often the case but it is not always true. Is it worth buying Fair Trade labeled products? Most certainly.

Some people may think of responsible clothing as boring, non-fashionable and colorless… and that may have been the case several years ago, but not anymore! Nowadays there are several shops offering beautiful, great quality sustainable and fair trade products for kids.


Other Ways to Help the Environment

Obviously little kids go through way more clothing than (most) adults, as they simply grow out of everything super-fast! But ask yourself, “do I really need a brand new set of Nike’s for my two-month old?”

It is pretty sad that top brand shoe companies spend valuable resources making little running and basketball shoes for kids who aren’t even old enough to walk! It’s cute to look at, but it certainly doesn’t help the planet.

They are indeed adorable though, so if you can’t resist, make sure to buy the most sustainable products possible and pass them on to your friends' kids. Hopefully, other moms and dads will do the same. That’s a pretty simple solution for sustainability at a good price!

If you are going to start thinking about spending your money on socially-responsible products, then there are many choices out there and the numbers keep growing. We will be examining the ones we come across and reviewing them here at InLivin'.

For now, here is a list of cool Amsterdam based, and online shops offering fair, organic and/or recycled clothing and accessories for little ones. Many donate some of their profits to children's charities.




Kids Eco-wear

Fair Kids

Bij Izzy

Kleine Sam

Ik Ben Zo Mooi

Have you been to any of these shops (or shopped online)? Share your experience with us!


Images courtesy of Hempworks.