Why Buy An Electric Bike? - The Benefits of an E-Bike

What's the big deal with electric bikes nowadays? Heres a short list of what makes them different from a normal pedal bike. This is not your oma's fiets!

More speed

Electric bikes go fast, period. You are in full control at the flick of a switch. Speed up, slow down & choose at your convenience. Our in-house electric bike goes up to 30km/hr and flys downhill, up to 40km/hr clocked going over the IJburg bike bridge.

Have you ever felt like a wobbling idiot as someone comes racing up your to left on the fietspad? Road racers are the only bikers that will ever pass you again. You go roughly as fast at them now. So hang on!


Green power!

The beauty of an electric bike is its batter is rechargeable. Simply monitor your usage and you'll never get stuck peddling this heavy bike with a dead battery. Imagine biking through sand, that is what it's like when the motor dies and your stuck pedaling! It's almost as bad as trying to ride a regular bike with a flat tire.


No sweat

Tired after a long day of work, not feeling like a 20 minute bike ride home, the electric bike will let you effortlessly ride home without hardly any real legwork. Electric bikes take the sweat out of biking. Electric bikes are powerful so you don't have to be. They do the work for you, unlike a pedal bike. So you have to factor in the bike ride to and from the gym also taking up some of your energy.


Bullet in the wind

You've been the person struggling in the heavy winds and rain trying to get home quickly with no luck, coming home drenched and frustrated. Well, how would you like to effortlessly pass all those people n smile while getting rained on. You will love this bike in the nasty windy Dutch weather.


No papers & extras

The best thing about the electric bike is that it goes as fast as an electric scooter WITHOUT the paperwork, insurance and time spent dealing with your rijbewijs, training, emails, research, study guides, study time, etc… its simply buy and ride! This will add up to hundreds of euros over the year in savings, so we like that!


"It's heavy man"

Electric bikes are not nimble. They feel like a diesel SUV of bikes. Slow to start but once the motor kicks in, woohoo! But since it is like a truck moving through traffic, keep that in mind when your flying through traffic and need to stop on a dime.


Less exercise

If you own an electric bike, you will experience riding faster, longer and easier but it does no justice for daily exercise needed to stay healthy. It actually is less healthy than a normal pedal bike because it does all the legwork for you.

Our recommendation is to make up for the lost exercise from riding an electric bike, by doing something else to get that sweat back during your daily routine.


It's pricey

This could be one of the most important deciding factors about these two bikes. The prices are kilometres apart. Electric bikes start around €1100 and can go up to €5000 approximately. So its a real investment. Some shopping around will be needed if your in the market for an electric bike.


A good bike shop

We know of some of the best electric bike shops in town, so be sure to check out the Good Life Gear section listings and the map for all the best bike shops in your neighbourhood and throughout the city to find that next special green vehicle you've been wanting so bad!


Do you know of any other factors that make electric bikes unique? Write your comments below and join the conversation!