Can YOU kick the bottle habit? The Risks of Over-Medication

Practically every symptom can be battled with a bottle of pills, usually, right over the counter from your local drugist or apothecary [apotheek]. So great, the symptom is reduced, but the origin remains the same...Be aware of the risks of over-medication.

People want quick fixes. They want to roll out of bed with a headache and stuffy nose, pop a pill and be able to hit the office fresh and clear.


Unfortunately, most of these treatments are only temporary solutions. In the case of clogging noses, an antihistimine only serves to dry out the passages, instead of letting them naturally adjust the amount of mucous that flows! Be aware of the risks of over-medication.


There are so many advances in medicine each year, it is easy to forget about some of the simpler solutions to common problems.