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Review and Rating by Judyta - InLivin

review created on : 10 Nov 13

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Riding the pelvic elevator :)

I have always been a hardcore workout person, but recently had to change my exercise routine due to pregnancy. I get mixed messages as to how much a mom-to-be can do, and have been advised to stop running and start doing regular but lighter workouts. I have tried pregnancy yoga (very enjoyable, but simple not enough to break a sweat or feel that my muscles had actually done anything, at least not at this stage). I have never tried Pilates in my life, but was encouraged to try pre-natal Pilates classes.

I came across The Movement Practice, and have been following one class a week for a few months now. Its way different than yoga, with more focus on isolating various muscle groups. The motions are slow, and careful yet I feel they work! We do a lot of kegel-like exercises with focus on strengthening our pelvic muscles. Most of the time, a standbyer would never know we are actually doing anything, as the majority of motion is happening inside :) That said, we do a lot!

The group consists of all pregnant ladies in various belly sizes, and one by one we wave goodbye to future mommies in their 39+ week. We are all encouraged to hear about their births and happy babies. So far, the only real proof that the pregnancy will actually ever end... The group is a mixed bunch of nationalities, with many Dutch, German and Americans. The classes are taught mainly in English, with some Dutch explanations in case a motion is not 'duidelijk' in English...but hey, most native English speakers wouldn't know what to do when told to "square the baby", so we all actually require an explanation ;-)

Our teacher, Susanne, is a lovely and bubbly instructor who helps us greatly understand what we can and cannot do, for the best of our babies. I've heard that she has had two babies herself, which seems almost impossible when looking at her lean body. Yet more proof that a pregnancy does not have to ruin your figure forever, and with a bit of effort, everything goes back into place! I hope to continue with post-natal classes as well, I hear that some mommies are back as soon as a few weeks after giving birth. Something to look forward to :)

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review created on : 10 Nov 13

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