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Review and Rating by reneetje

review created on : 11 Nov 13

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Is there a difference between magic and nature?

I was looking for a good alternative for caffeine. The kick you get from coffee is really nice but can really put you down once the caffeine is out of your system. I’m looking to find something more stable. Through InLivin’ I heard of Edelwijs, a store where you can buy all kinds of magic powders, herbs and foods. I was in the neighborhood and decided to check it out, see if they have something good for me and my friend.

I entered the shop and looked around. The shop’s interior is beautiful, partly because of the artwork in the store and partly because of the product itself. The glass pots and bottles and little bags filled with herbs and powders make me think of the alchemy stores in fantasy video games I used to play. It is the world upside down: this store is for real! Makes me wonder: what’s the difference between magic and nature?

I asked the friendly shop owner for advice about the caffeine case and he patiently explained to me that coffee pressures your kidneys. It gives you a temporary boost of energy but one that drains your reserves making you want more coffee after the first cup has worn off. He recommended me a powder which you pour through a drink that gives you extra energy while not messing with your balance. This I bought, plus a liquid that is supposed to clean the liver. You can buy loads of other different things at Edelwijs.

If you need some herbal support I’d recommend to go to Edelwijs, have a look and ask the people behind the counter if they have something that might help you (they also have an energy drink which was superexpensive but looked as if it could prevent you from having to sleep ever again without any side effects). They were able to tell me an informative story about human body and the effects of the products they have for sale there. In the coming weeks I’ll be trying out the stuff I bought to see if nature’s magic can find its way into my system.

To see the product I bought check out the photo that I uploaded.

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review created on : 11 Nov 13

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