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van Kinsbergenstraat 34

Review and Rating by franklin.d.roosevelt.7

review created on : 28 Jan 14

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What an experience...

I was checking out the area around Admiral Ruyterweg on a sunny day. I just stopped by this place to see what it was all about. It is in a residential neighborhood and I thought they were closed after I knocked a few times, but a very wily haired man answered the door and invited me in. While that might sound like the beginning to a bad horror movie, it was anything but. The gentleman was very friendly and informative. He made me a cup of apple ginger tea which was really awesome (and very generous) and talked to me for about 20 minutes about what he did and his experiences. I know very little about these types of healing techniques, but he convinced me he was very well versed in his field. I didn't have a procedure done or anything like that, but the next time I am feeling a bit low I would definitely go back to see what this place has to offer. Thanks again for the tea!

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review created on : 28 Jan 14

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