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Review and Rating by Judyta - InLivin

review created on : 05 Nov 13

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I finally found MY dentist in Amsterdam

Recently I had my very first checkup at Tandartspraktijk Rene. I can't write that it was the funnest time - it was a dental appointment after all and not a night out ;-)

But, considering that it could have been traumatic, I actually enjoyed it in a way. I arrived at 18.45 for my sign up, together with my insurance card, ID and uittreksel from the gemeente, confirming my address. (They asked for a bank statement, but I don't get those in paper form anymore). I only had to fill in a form regarding my medical history and possible allergies.

The reception staff were very friendly and helpful, and the practice is nice as well. Clean and modern, it has a nice feel to it. The practice room I was led to was spacious, modern and very clean. I was welcomed by dr. Rene himself, a very warm, friendly and calm man, who speaks perfect English. I do speak Dutch, but when it comes to describing potential tooth concerns, I still rather do it in English...

My checkup went smoothly, and luckily my teeth only required a good cleaning. A bit of ionized water in between cleaning, sanding and polishing, finished with a spray of colloidal silver water, topped with a herbal paste, and we were done. We spent a few minutes (plus in between the whole cleaning action) talking about various things like Kangen water filters vs reverse osmosis filters; I was applauded for ditching the fluoride tooth paste many months ago.

I will spare you the details, but we also discussed how I can clean the area of my teeth that I can't ever floss and dr. Rene advised I do regular coconut oil pulling with some organic coconut oil. To whiten? Be consistent with using banana peel rubs - it has an excellent working. I'm not sure if this is similar advice you would get from any normal dentist, but was certainly to my liking! It's great that dr. Rene believes in natural cures, and not in advising medication and regular products. He clearly practices what he preaches, or at least what his practice name states...

Overall, I would recommend Tandartspraktijk Rene to anyone who believes in natural solutions over chemicals and medicines. I rated the location a bit lower, since it is not in city center, but the parking was free and very available.

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review created on : 05 Nov 13

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