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Review and Rating by Judyta - InLivin

review created on : 02 Oct 13

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Sweat like there is no tomorrow!

I have been a regular at Forty Degrees and I love it! Every time I went down the Overtoom, I watched with anticipation as they were preparing to open. I was not disappointed. The studio is very fresh and modern, and the minimalistic style suits me. I really liked the introduction offer at €25 for 10 classes in 10 consecutive days. Its a very attractive offer, and they throw in a free mat to use and a free welcome drink.

I rated the relaxation part a bit lower than rest, because hot yoga is really hard work, and the relaxation parts kicks in after class (or a few classes, once you get the hang of things). Hot yoga is quite challenging, since there are certain rules to obey by...In contrast to other types of yoga, the instructor rather dictates what the class is supposed to do, without partaking himself. It takes some discipline to not wipe off your sweat at any time, and believe me, there is so much sweat going on, you really have the urge to wipe it away.

You are advised to not drink water throughout the class, and rather focus on the poses and breathing. The temperature takes time to get used to, and if you are feeling a bit overheated, they still want you to stick around in the room but without maintaining the poses. This is for your own safety to avoid drastic temperature changes.

Overall, hot yoga classes are very challenging but very rewarding at the same time. Funny enough, the biggest challenge for me was pulling my clothes back on after class, since your body continues to sweat up to 30 minutes after class, in my case :) I love that you can just drop by any class, without having to commit with any reservation upfront. In Amsterdam, where it often rains, its great to not have to 'sweat' about any cancellation costs in case you don't make it to class...I would recommend Forty Degrees to anyone who is curious to try hot yoga...

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review created on : 02 Oct 13

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