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Huisartsen Praktijk Keizersgracht (HAPK)


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Review and Rating by Judyta - InLivin

review created on : 28 Sep 13

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Great huisarts in city center

I have used the same huisarts for many years. I was very happy with the doctor himself, but always felt that I must wait a long time for an appointment, call within specific calling hours, and the waiting room was always full with sick people. Yes, shouldn't be a surprise, but I rarely get ill myself. I would come by on occasion to discuss a minor issue, and leave fearing that I got someone elses cold or flu. These issues were a bit of a hassle... I decided to change to a new huisartsen praktijk - HAPK, and I suddenly discovered a new world. No waiting for my appointment - I was there three times, and everything was always on schedule. No calling for an appointment - now I do it online, have access to the agenda so i can easily select when a visit is convenient for me! After selecting the doctor and time, I simply get an email confirmation, and I am set! The doctors all speak really good English, which is helpful for an expat like myself. The practice is lovely, the waiting room is large and modern, and I have never seen anyone actually waiting - everyone seems to get in and out, smoothly... Doctor Hollemans is friendly and helpful, and always does her best to put me at ease :) The practice is very easy to access by tram and bike, and so far, I would recommend it to everyone I know...

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review created on : 28 Sep 13

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