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Review and Rating by Kim M

review created on : 06 Jul 13

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Let your worries float away...

I had one session at Float Oasis and I really enjoyed it! The space is super modern and nice, and the lady at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. I liked the floating experience, and the thickness of the water. It was new to me, and I think I was a bit distracted by everything to fully relax, but I was told it is this way the first time. I also heard that women take longer to realax, as we have so much going on in our heads, lol. I was a bit worried that i would fall asleep, but that did not happen. I am looking forward to my next session, hopefully I will be able to fully relax this time. I was not really sure how to rate the "social experience" above, as its not a very social activity. I would recommend floating to anyone. 

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review created on : 06 Jul 13

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