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review created on : 18 Oct 13

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Lil' safe haven

I went to the Roos on a rainy Friday night to attend a talk by Zen teacher Brad Warner.

I think de Roos is a beautiful place. It was dark and rain was pouring out of the sky when I went there. On my bicycle, because that's how we roll here in Amsterdam ;). De Roos kind of looked like a safe haven when i arrived: the light from the inside shone through the windows of the building.

Inside I felt comfortabel because the people were all friendly, which is usually the case in places like this. People looking for spiritual depth usually realize that being friendly to others means being friendly to yourself. Plus, a place where people meditate often has a peaceful vibe going on. This was also the cas at de Roos this night.

The room in which the talk took place was a room for courses as well. It looked decent. The talk was interesting although Brad Warner had a cold and didn't seem to be at his most inspired this night. Still, it was an interesting night.

During the break I ordered some tea there. The kitchen looked pretty good, I think you could have a decent lunch there as well although i ordered nothing myself. also, there's a lot of artwork hanging around , well-crafted trippy Buddhist art, and it's all for sale! 

There's a lot of stuff to do: there was a wall full of flyers with meditation teachers, pranic healers and a diverse range of spiritual practitioners. Warner jokingly called this a spiritual supermarket, a term I kind of like: there's so much stuff out there, so many guides on your spiritual path. Sometimes it's a little too much maybe. My advise: find a practice you trust and dive deep!

Conclusion: I think de Roos is a peaceful place where you can engage in a diverse range spiritual practices.

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review created on : 18 Oct 13

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