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review created on : 24 Sep 13

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So far, one of my favorite vitamin stores in Amsterdam :)

I came across The Soulsister when researching places to be invited into the first edition of InLivin', the book. What struck me first was the beautiful design. The shop was just opened a few weeks earlier, and the finishing touches were still being added. The shop is very modern, with a clean design and a good display of all products. 

I had a chance to meet with the owner, and learn about how she got to open this lovely shop. She was very knowledgable, friendly and had years of experience in supplement advice. The shop's location was ideal, and the products are as natural as they can get...

A few months after discovering The Soulsister, I learned that a family member has been diagnosed with cancer. I switched to research mode to figure out what else could be done apart from the dreaded chemotherapy that was advised by the oncologist. I simply could not believe that the doctor gave absolutely no advice on nutrition or lifestyle changes that could help battle this nasty disease. 

I read about the raw food diet, cleansing and other lifestyle changes, and I knew that would be the way to go. I read about Curcuma extract, Wheatgrass powder, Colostrum and many other supplements that support the immune system or could help fight the cancer cells, without devastating the healthy cells (like chemotherapy and radiotherapy do). 

I wanted to learn more, and wanted to get the best quality products that could help. I came back to The Soulsister and told her the whole story. We spent some time talking about how hopeless the medical industry is, and how horrible it is to have no other option but chemotherapy. 

I asked for the supplements I read about online, but soon learned that there are many more that could be essential to the treatment. 

Miranda advised me to try Colibiogen, an oral solution used for cancer patients in Germany, and Salvestrol in capsules (expensice, but seems so worth every cent!). 

It has been 6 months since my family member started taking all supplements I gave him, in addition to switching to being a vegetarian and mad fresh juice-lover! We decided that targetting the immune system is the most important, considering that the doctors were still insisting on chemotherapy...I did not like the chemo at all (and nor did he, it made his body feel really ill), but I am no doctor to take the responsibility of taking him off this only known cancer cell killer...

We asked the oncologist to "OK" all the supplements, and she actually did not ever hear of most of them, but said "they look promising", try them alongside chemo. 

Just recently, during a routine checkup, the oncologist said: "your cancer is in regression. I can't believe I am saying this, but I'm starting to believe in your daughters "seaweed" and pills more than in my medicine. I would like to take you off chemotherapy, for now..."

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review created on : 24 Sep 13

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