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Wibautstraat 127

Review and Rating by reneetje

review created on : 03 Jul 13

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Must visit for every Amsterdammer

Trouw is one of the places to be when it comes to everything that has to do with a good saturday night. Beautiful location, dinner and a variety of fine club nights. 

Trouw is an old office building of a national newspaper (called Trouw) turned into a restaurant/night club by the guys who used to run a club on the 11th floor of an old building near Amsterdam CS (Club 11). Trouw has kept the rawness of the old interior and combined it with the safety and luxury of a good club and restaurant. When eating at Trouw, I would not bother with the terrace next to the noisy Wibautstraat, but I would recommend sitting inside and enjoying the rawness of the interior.

The dinner menu is tuned to sharing with your fellow tablemates. Last time I went here to eat I was with a group of rather conservative eaters, and they were not all prepared for the tapas-like menu, which encourages you to stick your fork on other people's plates. The food tasted good though, and personally I did not have a problem at all with sharing my plate. Plus, the waiters were very friendly.

I like the Trouw restaurant, but I like its club more. The club nights are usually something special, especially when you are into house or techno. Trouw is perhaps the most highly acclaimed club in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands, also internationally. So go clubbing there for something special.

My opinion: Trouw is booming and hip. If you like that, go there!

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review created on : 03 Jul 13

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