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Review and Rating by reneetje

review created on : 03 Jul 13

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Pizzakamer: classy affordable pizza place in Oud-Zuid

On an average Monday or Tuesday night the pizza places and kebab restaurants on and around the Van der Helstplein in de Pijp are all more or less deserted. All but de Pizzakamer, which is packed. Me and my friend have to sit at the bar, because all tables are full. Which is no problem, because at de Pizzakamer it is normal to eat at the bar which is as wide as the usual table. 

It seems that the aesthetics of the restaurant are the main reason that this place is full. This is not your usual pizza delivery place. The Italian-looking cook and his wood-oven look sharp, as does the interior with its white walls, chairs and mind-pleasing esoteric artworks.

We ate the 4 formaggio and the Gamberi di Fiume. I liked the four cheeses pizza, but I didn’t think it was special, or better than your usual. The Gamberi di Fiume me and my friend both liked a lot. It had glasswort and little crayfish on it, which made it taste pretty good.

Because the place was so packed and because the doors were open, and because there were a lot of Oud-Zuid folks needing to discuss their very important lives (including me and my friend ;), our dinner was not a quiet dinner. Maybe in winter, when it gets dark early and the doors are closed, de Pizzakamer will have a more cozy atmosphere. This night it felt more like a bar than like a restaurant.

I think Pizzakamer is a good place to have good pizza in a classy and aesthetically pleasing restaurant. It has the real de Pijp atmosphere, with lots of young urbans talking over good food. Plus, it’s affordable so it is a place you can go to anytime. 7.2!

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review created on : 03 Jul 13

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