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review created on : 31 Oct 14

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Great community

I signed up for the Facebook community of Amsterdam Mamas while I was still pregnant. As any expecting mom I was scared, curious and researching everything I could like crazy. The internet can be a scary place, especially if you look in the wrong place...and barely any of my friends have kids...I find this community very helpful when needing a quick answer to a specific question, or would like to hear about someone elses experience. From a group of 7000+ mamas and papas, you can get 70 opinions within 3 minutes from asking a question. On the forum, there are friendships, laughs, complaining, as well as arguments and differences in opinion. Its pretty real :) 

I recently attended my first AM event, the Spooky Buggy Parade at the Vondelpark - my little girl's first Halloween in her life. I could not help myself and not dress her up! It was fun, and I can't imagine any better baby friendly event in Amsterdam. From the posts I have seen online, I know for sure that this community makes a huge difference in the lives of many Amsterdam expats, and brings people together :)

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review created on : 31 Oct 14

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