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Pranic Healing


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Review and Rating by Kim M

review created on : 11 Dec 13

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Interesting experience

I have tried a pranic healing session during an event / festival. I was intreagued by the concept, and the healers were very warm and welcoming. I was pregnant at the time, so they advised against sending too much energy my way. I did not know what to expect, and frankly, I didn't expect much. But, I could actually feel energy running through my body. To such a degree it made me feel light-headed. Quite amazing. I felt very calm and energized afterwards. I have spoken to many people who swear by the healing effects of pranic healing sessions, who come back for more. Really! The healers were accepting donations, without expecting high pay. I am open to doing more sessions in the future, great people!

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review created on : 11 Dec 13

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