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Wethouder Frankeweg 44

Review and Rating by Kim M

review created on : 10 Mar 14

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The breastfeeding hub of Amsterdam

This shop has everything on offer for breastfeeding. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon and sadly just missed the "Expess Club" where you are welcome to test various breast pumps. That said, we were welcomed by one of the staff ladies who invited us to the back, where she explained all different devices. We were allowed to take our time and check our a few breatfeeding pumps. They range from €50 for a hand held Philips, all the way to €290 for a double bottle electric pump. Not cheap! A good pump is certainly a big investment. 

The shop has a variety of breastfeeding bras, of which many with a "beugel" - our kraamzorg told us to not get those as they can harm the breastfeeding process, but we didnt have too much time to learn more as the shop was closing at 3pm. 

Overall, we got great attention and help, and left the shop with a hand held of our own. The shop allows you to rent some of the pumps to try at home, which is pretty handy. But, you need to purchase your own bottle and a few pieces (for hygiene's sake) so renting doesn't come cheap either. 

There were mainly daddys visiting the shop that day, which makes sense. The mommys are probably at home with the little ones. 

One thing I learned after doing some research at home, is that Agis Gezinnen polis reimburses up to €75 for an electric breastpump! We did not know that going in, and we probably would have purchased an electric pump having that knwoledge ;-)




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review created on : 10 Mar 14

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