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07 Oct 14

Asahi Sports

first place I found

I stopped training but when I did I always went here for my supplies I know some kickboxers whoalso shop here.

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07 Oct 14

Edel Wijs

Better then apotheek

I love this place and can spend a long time looking at ask of the samples of plants herbs and flowers. Many good extracts and also some nice oils. Place to go.

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11 Feb 15

Club Lite

was there to party

Good night out invited by a girlfriend who often go to the chocolates Club party. I like the food and songs that were there. Different people. Interesting people. The price was good and the people were nice.

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07 Oct 14

Centrum de Roos

chilled out reading area

Nice area upstairs to read and relax. Enjoy how they have a terras in the front along the park. Heart location.

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07 Oct 14


Fresh and quick

Good choice for nice soup. I had lekker cake that was freshly made and so tasty! Salads looked good.

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07 Oct 14

USC Sportcentrum Universum

sportsman Paradise

I could finally get out to the place and I was very happy to see how much they have on offer at a very high quality. All new equipment and floors and services. Far in the east of the city but worth it.

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