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02 Aug 14

Morning Gloryville Amsterdam

Morning Gloryville Amsterdam

What a way to start the day!!  Riding on my bike through beautiful Amsterdam, wearing magic fairy wings and far too much glitter for 6am feeling very giddy about my first Morning Gloryville !! (Thank you lovely people of InLivin for the free tickets !! ) I'm from the UK so I knew about the event already so was intrigued if it would work in The Dam.  DJ Hero was up first playing a lot of mixed disco and 80s tunes which was amazing - and he had everyone on the dancefloor singing along and going a bit bonkers for each song ! Great atmosphere and everyone smiling - felt very strange being up so early and dancing our socks off.  I was disappointed with the next two DJ sets - I felt they didn't connect with the audience at all and didn't play any well known tunes -which is fine, but disappointing because the energy was a bit flat (people stood on the dance floor rather than dancing) and I just felt like it had peaked too early after DJ Hero left! My mate had an amazing Pranic Healing and I had a little chill out so we were both revived and ready to go but it didn't really pick up.  I was really glad I went but I just thought it was a shame that it wasn't a bit wilder like the London one is - i.e. more fancy dress/crazy costumes, more silly dancing, more interaction, more people letting go on the dance floor !! Having said that I WOULD go again - and I really hope I don't sound ungrateful as I was so happy with the free tickets ! Definitely an experience - but please people, leave the ''Doe normaal'' attitude at home in bed !! YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS MORE CRAZINESS ON THE DANCEFLOOR!! xx   

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