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23 Jul 14

Vitamin Store

Vitamins a plenty

This shop sells so many different vitamins its interesting just looking around. I didn't buy anything but my girlfriend got some vitamins, I'm not sure what they are exactly but she seems happy. The staff were very friendly and answered a few of my curious questions.

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23 Jun 14

Vinnies Deli

All very good

We went here after a busy days shopping on the Kalverstraat. I got an organic reuben sandwich, which another user here recommended (thank you) and my girlfriend had some soup. It was all very good and served quickly. The coffee was also really good and fair priced. I am looking forward to trying some more of their food.

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23 May 14

Pizzakamer - West

Real pizza!

I'd heard good things about Pizzakamer from a few friends, then after seeing it on this website I thought I'd give it a try. I went with a few friends a couple of days ago and we all really enjoyed it. The pizza was delicious and very fresh. I think I'll be going here again very soon.

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23 Jun 14

Eetwinkel Buurman & Buurman

Delicious ice cream!

I was walking past this shop and saw the ice cream outside, it's been really hot lately so ice cream sounded really good. It was delicious and the staff very helpful with me not speaking Dutch. I think I'll go back here for a real meal sometime, their pizza oven looks great!

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23 Jul 14

Candy Freaks

Organic Candy!?

One of the first places I visited after seeing on this website. I didn't even think there was such a thing as organic candy but was very happy with their big selection, my girlfriend loved it too. Their window display was also very impressive, so I thought I'd take a photo for this website.

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20 Jul 14

Coffee Room

Found inlivin here!

Met a friend here a few days ago for coffee, tried one of their salads which was really good. While waiting for my friend to arrive I saw a pile of inlivin books, was curious so took a copy home with me. After a good read of it I thought I'd come look at the website, and its really good. Thank you to the Coffee Room for informing me of this great website, and as always thank you for the great coffee!

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