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04 Sep 14

Noorderlicht Cafe

This book is everywhere!

I had some free time at the weekend so I thought I'd enjoy the sunshine and do a bit of exploring in the NDSM. While enjoying my coffee I spotted a pile of inlivin books. Its great to see this book popping up all over the city, and even better knowing the place I'd just come across was inlivin approved. I had forgotten where it was and managed to find it again thanks to this site, that map is very helpful, so I'll definitely be going back!

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02 Jul 14


Relaxing little shop

Didn't expect to find this relaxed little place after walking through the madness of Warmoestraat. But this shop is a great sanctuary from the madness of Amsterdam. Enjoyed looking around and they even have a little lounge at the back of the shop - perfect!

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02 Jul 14

David Lloyd Sports & Healthclubs

Huge gym seems to have it all

I'm looking at joining a gym and this place seems like it might be worth it. I was impressed by the size of the gym and the varierty of equipment they have. Looking forward to getting fit!

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07 Jul 14

Tandarts Praktijk Rene - De Natuurlijke Tandarts

Friendly dentist with a natural approach!

First I have to thank the people on the site for helping me find my new dentist! I was so happy with the experience. A trip to a dentist is never normally fun but I found Rene and his staff to be very friendly and helpful, explaining everything along the way and asking me what I prefered, something a lot of dentists don't do. I also love his more natural approach, lots of dentists and doctors prefer, and tend to over use drugs and medicines to get a result, here they use more safer, more natural methods. Even talked about getting the nasty mercury filling I have removed.

My first appointment went great, even though it did take me a while to get to from Amsterdam Centraal Station but it is definitely worth the journey! I got lucky as they'd recently had a cancelation so I get to go back in a few days to finish the work on my teeth, and yes I'm actually looking forward to it. 

A friendly, skilled dentist with a natural approach - finally!!

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