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09 Jul 14


Gifts for my niece

I like to shop the second hand items and this shop is large with a good selection.

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09 Jul 14

De Bolhoed

Good and healty food!

Since i first lived in Amsterdam, I occassionally have a lunch here at the Bolhoed. Everything is fresh, tasty and healthy. They make great soups and tarts. I also like the relaxed feeling in there, a good energy that carries over, so I wanted to share these thoghts so more people will discover this place. :)

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09 Jul 14

Vega Life

Top shop with great products.

I love the ideas behind this shop and all of the positive products they stock. I was surprised with how many things they offer. They have a great selection of sporty /vegan products and I find things that have a good energy and still look good. :)

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