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07 Aug 14


06 Apr 14

Noorderlicht Cafe

My new favorite place in NDSM Werf

Noorderlicht became one of my favorite places to hang out with my friends: it's a place where you'll be sourroundied by locals, not by tourists, the location is beautiful - you can just go outside and sit on the grass looking at the city from far away and in the summer nights there are nice events around the fire. And you should really try the soup of the day!

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14 Mar 14

De Bolhoed

Cozy place

I spotted this place a long time ago (especially due to the nice little -and always taken -table on the small terrace outside : ) The athmosphere inside is nice and the vegetarian/vegan food variety is good but I didn't feel really welcome by the staff working there. Also, I hope they will install a pin machine soon. I would still return there to taste more of their goodies in the meniu (hopefully on the small terrace if I catch the table free!:D)

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14 Feb 14

Delicious Food

Great variety of bio and organic products

Nice selction of organic chocolates, teas, coffee, natural juices, pasta, seeds and grains, gluten free products etc. Also bio fruits and vegetable. So many good things to choose from! The staff is really friendly and nice too!

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14 Mar 14

De Vakantiefietser

I recommend it!

It's a reliable place! Friendly stuff and all bike-related things and advice. Good prices too

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08 Apr 14

Sane Food

Tasty&healthy food and drinks to serve inside or to go

Very good location, nice variety of healthy food and drink - love their juices and soup to serve inside or to go if you are on the run) and nice athmosphere -. 

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10 Apr 14

Il Sogno - The Italian Concept Store

Coziness overload

My next meeting with my friends will be at Il Sogno. I discovered it only yesterday and I fell in love with it. The athmosfere is so warm, welcoming and different: you have the delicious pizza, nice art and books around you and other things that you can shop on your way out, video projections and live music sometimes. I totally recommend it!:)

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09 Apr 14

Jaap Edenbaan

more space for more fun

i had a great time skating with my friends here in the winter. we usually prefer it since it's a lot bigger than the skating rinks from the city center (better quality for the ice too). will return for more fun for sure!!

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