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14 Apr 14

Sane Food

Great place!

This is a great place for vegetarians, vegans and healthy eaters and the selection is pretty big, they have a huge salad bar to pick from. The only down side seems to be the price, it might be a little expensive but quality and freshness often does. I will be back very soon!!

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01 Apr 14

Vega Life

Safe shopping for veggies!

Everything here is vegan or vegatarian so it makes shopping when so much easier for vegans or vegetarians. They sell a big selection of clothing and other accessories aswell as cosmetics and books. Definitely worth a look if you want animal friendly clothing!

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18 Feb 14

Cafe Batavia

Gastro Pub?

While the food may not be the healthiest its all good quality. Cafe Batavia offers a good selection of mostly traditional pub style food. However where this places shines is in the atomosphere, Cafe Batavia is a great place to meet friends and relax. They also have a good selection of drinks to please most, alcohol and soft drinks. Very popular with expat locals!

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12 Mar 14

Golden Temple


Golden Temple is a great place, one of the most popular and well known vegetarian resturants in Amsterdam. They have a great selection for vegans and people with various dietary issues. This place has a happy vibe, reflected slightly in the slightly hippy like style of the design. 

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06 Feb 14

Jay's Juices

One of the best in town!

Jay's Juices has to be one of the best juice bars in the city! They have a huge selection of healthy, fresh fruit and vegetable juices to choose from. Often served up by the man himself, Jay. It's also in a pretty good location, on the popularb Haarlemmerstraat. Everything here seems clean, fresh and delcious!

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01 Feb 14

Hemp Hoodlamb

High quality hemp gear!

Hemp Hoodlamb makes some beautiful clothing - no longer can hemp clothing be considered only for hippies! Their shop stocks some great tshirts, tops and other clothing aswell as their now famous Hemp Hoodlamb jackets. If you're looking for some cool clothing then this place is definitely worth a visit. They also sell many other hemp product at the shop, including some very cool unique items.

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31 Mar 14

The Taco Shop

Great tacos!

One of the better Mexican food places in Amsterdam

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