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12 Apr 14

Vinnies Deli

Expensive yes, but high quality food isnt cheap!

I stopped into Vinnie's on a recommendation and I was not disappointed. The Reuben sandwich (with house cured and pastrami) was without a doubt one of the best I have ever had. Quality meat, with their homemade pickles and whole grain mustard was a must. Service was cordial, but quick and to the point, but with a bomb sandwich like that, who cares about the service?? They could have thrown the sandwich at me and I would have been happy! :-)

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11 Nov 13


28 Jan 14


What an experience...

I was checking out the area around Admiral Ruyterweg on a sunny day. I just stopped by this place to see what it was all about. It is in a residential neighborhood and I thought they were closed after I knocked a few times, but a very wily haired man answered the door and invited me in. While that might sound like the beginning to a bad horror movie, it was anything but. The gentleman was very friendly and informative. He made me a cup of apple ginger tea which was really awesome (and very generous) and talked to me for about 20 minutes about what he did and his experiences. I know very little about these types of healing techniques, but he convinced me he was very well versed in his field. I didn't have a procedure done or anything like that, but the next time I am feeling a bit low I would definitely go back to see what this place has to offer. Thanks again for the tea!

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08 Nov 13

Edel Wijs

If you are a health conscious individual...

This is the place to visit. I thought I was a little knowledgeable about health foods, but Edel Wijs showed me I still have a lot to learn! They have an incredible selection of just about anything you could possibly think of and they are more than happy to help you explain it. Next time I visit I will definitely try the raw bar and take a class or something. A must visit, thanks for the Goji berries and Irish Moss!! :-)

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08 Oct 13

Asahi Sports

I just had some questions

With my luck I of course interrupted the people while they were eating dinner. But I just had some questions about a treadmill I was interested in purchasing and they stopped what they were doing to help me and answer any questions I had. I didn't end up buying anything, but I suspect when I do plan to buy I will be going back to Asahi, thanks for the help!!

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14 Oct 13

Sane Food

Juice Concoctions are a must try!

Just walking around and in the mood for something fruity and refreshing and happened to smell the aroma of freshly blended citrus and decided to stop in. I didn't have a salad, though I will say the ingredients to make one looked very fresh, but the juice drink (a blend of carrots, a green veggie and some OJ) was incredibly refreshing. Free wifi for customers, and just a chill little place ot sit and relax. Had a very friendly conversation with the owner as well. Will definitey go back!

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20 Oct 13


Such a great place!!

I just happened to pass by this place on one of my walks and had a hankering for an espresso and something sweet.  You walk in and it almost feels like you are in someone's home.  The decor is nice and everything is very clean.  The espresso was good, but the desssert would be what I would return for.  They have an incredible cheesecake with the shell made out of almonds - very very good.  Cheesecake was creamy and perfectly sweetened.  I suspect it is because of their commitment to using the highest quality ingredients.  Eating healthy sweets has never tasted so good!

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19 Oct 13

Vitamin Store

Awesome Little Shop

This place has got a great variety and super helpful staff.  Can definitely fufill any of your vitamin needs! Great customer service. 

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09 Aug 13

Rogh's Deli

This deli is awesome!!

I stopped by there on a recommendation and the sandwich I had was so simple yet delicious.  Prosciutto with fresh mozzarella and arugula with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper.  I had also heard they had the best brownies in town, they are 5 euros but damn they are good.  Gooey chocolatey goodness - thanks Roghs for making my trip so tasty!!

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